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Address - 5929 John R Rd, Troy, MI 48085



A: You can start Driver Education when you are at least 14 years and 8 months old.
Segment 1 consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours on-the-road instruction, and 4 hours of
observation. If you are under the age of 18 you are required to take Segment I by the State of Michigan
in order to receive a Level 1 Learner’s License.
A: Everyone is eligible to take Segment 2 at Academy Driving School no matter where you took Segment 1


A: Segment 2 consists of 6 hours of classroom instruction. It is a short 3 day course the course will
discuss defensive driving, drinking and driving, road rage, and will help to prepare the student for their
Road Test. If you are under the age of 18 you are required to take Segment 2 by the State of Michigan in
order to be eligible for a Road Test.
A: you must meet the requirements of having your Level One License for a minimum 3 months, as well
as 30 hours of driving logged with 2 of the hours being night driving with any licensed driver, 21 years
and older
A: No. The road test is not included as part of Segment 2. The road test can be booked with us at 248-
879-4800 student has their Segment 2 certificate of completion, has 6 months from the issue date of
their Level 1 License, and has logged 50 hours into the drive log with 10 hours being at night.
A: The requirements for 18 and older do not require you to do Segment 1 or 2. You will need to go to the
(SOS) secretary of state to get an Adult Temporary Instruction Permit
A: You can fail your written test up to 3 times. You’ll need to schedule a make-up day for the testing
session. If the test is taken 3 times without a passing score, then you will need to retake the course free
of charge. Students who require accommodations such as extended time, an interpreter, or having the
test read out loud to them should call 248-879-4800 to ensure that the student has proper testing accommodations.
A: If you know prior to a drive that you are going to be late please reach out to us at 248.879-4800 and
let us know so we can tell your instructor what to expect. If they are not aware and you are more than 5
minutes late, the instructor will leave without you and you will need to reschedule a new drive and pay
the $25 no show fee.


A: Students are eligible to take the Road Test once they have held their Level 1 Learner’s License for 6
months or more, have completed the Segment 2 course, and have driven the required 50 hours on the
road driving with parents at least 10 hours must be night time driving.
A: Students under the age of 18 are required by the State of Michigan to take both Segment 1, Segment
2 and the Road Test. The entire process will take 7 months or more to complete.


A: You will get your Adult Temporary Instruction Permit. Once you have your Driver’s Permit, we offer In-
Car Lessons, which is behind-the-wheel training for adults with our certified driving instructors to help
you practice and prepare for the Road Test.
A: Temporary Instruction permit issued by the Michigan Secretary of State with practice period of 30 days
before the test, unless otherwise the 30-day practice period waived by Michigan Secretary of State.
A: Yes, the translator must be 16 years or older with a picture I.D.
A: You are allowed to use your own car for the Road Test ( meets requirement for all Safety inspection) If
you do not have a car to use, we have cars available for rent at a cost of $25.00
A: State of Michigan do not permit practicing at our Road Testing sites but we have designated area for
18+ Accelerated Class Plus In-Car Lessons – Available for students 18 or older at a discounted rate.
Adult course includes 4 days of on site/virtual classroom instruction (on Zoom) and 6 hours of driving
lessons. Students will attend class sessions, take the knowledge test at Secretary of State (to receive
adult permit) and then receive 6 private driving lessons. Lessons do not include pick up and drop off.
Adult students must have a permit for 30 or more to be eligible for road testing $380
We offer private driving lessons for adults 18 or older who have a current Temporary Instruction Permit
(TIP) and for teens 17 and under who have a current Graduated Level 1 Learner’s License.
Our private lessons range from a beginning driver to someone who needs brushing up for a Road Test
(which includes parking, expressway driving, and rural/urban driving).
Lessons are offered with pick up and drop off service at an extra cost.